Welcome back, brides to be! You don’t have to stress about the endless to do lists for your wedding anymore, because we’re going to help you out with our secret stress free guide for your perfect wedding. For each phase there will only be 2-3 steps to help you feel less stressed on your wedding day. Start taking notes!

Once you know the wedding date, here’s what you have to do 10+ months before:

  1. Start looking for work-out and diet plans, as this will help you maintain your weight.

  2. Book a venue! Whether it’s going to be outdoors or indoors, so you know which dress to look for.

  3. Draft your guest list. Start going through the names of the people you want to attend your wedding. Wait for our guest list guide soon!

Now that you crossed these off your list, it’s now 5-8 months before your big day. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Search for the perfect dress, set a budget and start looking through our collection of wedding dresses! Check out how to pick the perfect dress for your body shape here.

  2. Begin the makeup and hair search. Create mood boards for the kind of looks and hairstyles you have in mind. Ask your friends about the best makeup artists and hair stylists in town, and keep searching until you’ve found the best.

  3. Don’t forget your bridesmaids’ dresses! After you’ve agreed on a theme for your wedding, it is about time to start looking for/purchasing the dresses they will be wearing!

The day is getting closer; you’ve got through the hardest, most overwhelming phase. It is only 2-3 months before the big day. Time to start pampering yourself:

  1. Start doing regular facials and treatments daily, to help clear out your skin from any breakouts.

  2. Look for tanning options in available beauty salons.

  3. Stick to your workout and diet plans! You don’t want any dress malfunctions happening!

It’s been a crazy ride hasn’t it? We’re only few weeks to a month until the big day. Here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Call the makeup artist and hair stylist that you’ve booked to have a trial and check your final look, in order for you to have more time to change what you don’t like.

  2. Attend your final fitting appointment with La Reina for final alterations oyour dream dress.

  3. Start exfoliating your skin on a daily basis!

  4. If you want to change anything about your hair style or color, now is the right time for a new look!

Exactly one week before your wedding, everything needs to be finalized:

  1. Finalize and review your music with the DJ

  2. Seating charts should be done

  3. Book an appointment with the beauty salon to wax, fresh pedicure and manicure, and everything in between.

  4. It's Bachelorette party time!

  5. Plenty of beauty sleep and lots, lots of water.

  6. Wash your hair!

Finally, it is your big day! Your La Reina’s assistants will be waiting for you with the dress, dry cleaned and ready for your wedding day! There are only a few steps to take:

  1. Stay moisturized from head to toe the whole day

  2. Get ready in a robe; do not wear the dress before hair and makeup!

  3. Get in your dream wedding gown

Now you’re all set and ready to walk down the aisle! Enjoy your big day Best Wishes, La Reina

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